Need to document Nepali diaspora literature

Emerging writers living abroad have expressed the need to document the history of Nepali literature which is simply impossible without a joint effort.

Dr. Binaya Shrestha, a non-resident nepali in Switzerland actively working to promote Nepali community work and literature, pointed out the need for documentation of diasporic literature by Nepali writers in the west. “There is a dire need to maintain the records of Nepali literature as many precious and priceless pieces written in the past years have been either vanished or forgotten,” said Dr. Shrestha.

Because of  the modern communication technology and increasing international exposure, these Neplaese writers abroad have revealed the life of Nepali society in the international arena. There is a new breed of Nepali writers originally writing in English too. In this context many litterateurs have demanded to evaluate the diasporic Nepali literature. They remark that it needs more critiques to refine and freshen and, as the same time, encouragement and inspiration. Deepak Jyoti Paudel, president of International Nepalese Literature Society Belgium, emphasised that the Nepali critics and associations in Nepal and abroad related to Nepali literature should examine and review the diasporic literature. If we can work on this regard it will lead to a new vision of diasporic modernism.

If due importance is given to deserving litterateurs then many talented people would be encouraged to come up with good literature. As many get involved in writing the literature gets more and more developed and blossom. Historical analysis of literature is essential to encourage talents and discourage malpractices in this field. However, this can be possible only through collective effort and mutual partnership.