Jul 192017

The Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM), which is leading the shutdown in the hills since June 15, had threatened to start a fast unto-death strike and later self-immolation to pressure the state and the central governments to give in to their demand.

The ongoing stir by Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) seeking the creation of a Gorkhaland state by carving hill areas in West Bengal has received support from several Nepali groups in the northeast.

Nepalis, who are residents of the eight states in the region, are keenly following developments in Darjeeling and many feel the creation of Gorkhaland would address the “identity crisis” they witness to some extent. Continue reading »

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Jul 192017

A boat that fuels itself is setting off around the world from Paris on a six-year journey that its designers hope will serves as a model for emissions-free energy networks of the future.

Energy Observer will use its solar panels, wind turbines and a hydrogen fuel cell system to power its trip. The 5 million-euro ($5.25 million) boat heads off Saturday from Paris toward the Atlantic. Continue reading »

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Jul 132017

Police on Wednesday in Kathmandu arrested a trader for allegedly selling ‘plastic’ rice.

According to Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu, Tanka Prasad Sherchan of Sano Bharyang-based Sherchan Brother Pvt Ltd was arrested for further investigation after the rice of RTC brand bought by Swoymabhu police was found to be suspicious.

Police said they would send the rice sample to food lab for examination.

Is ‘plastic rice’ for real?

The term ‘plastic rice’ first surfaced in China in 2010. Dubbed the Wuchang rice scandal, Chinese officials unearthed a scam by companies who passed off ordinary rice as premium Wuchang rice by adding flavours to it. The Wuchang rice, known for its unique aroma, is exported to various nations. Chinese traders are believed to have made a huge profit through this scam.

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Dec 252016

priyanka-chopraPriyanka Chopra, who has ruled and slayed 2016, opened up about a terrible experience in the West during her ‘Koffee With Karan’ appearance.

According to DNA, Pee Cee will be speaking extensively but only on her Hollywood career. She will also be giving fans a sneak peek into her experience on the set of Baywatch.

Further, the Bollywood diva is also set to open up on her encounter with racism. According to sources, “Priyanka said that whoever goes to Hollywood after her should be careful about the kind of roles they do. When host Karan Johar asked if she has faced racism, she shared that she did, but not in the studios.

She described how she became a victim of racism while sat in the airport lounge. Continue reading »

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Dec 102016

– Dr Binaya Shrestha, Switzerland

Binaya ShresthaNepalese political leaders have always demonstrated their affection for visiting developed countries in the west. The major political parties have established a wider Network of their party wings in these countries,mainly for party politics. The political parties of Nepal: Nepali Congress (NC), Communist Party of Nepal (UML), Communist party of Nepal (Maoist Centre)and other parties have established their sister organizations in the Nepalese diasporic communities. However, these sister organizations have failed to provide any major policy inputs to their mother parties till date. The political wrangling among these organizations have vividly reflected the existing political grudge and rifts of Nepal. If evaluated in terms of nature, function and efficiency, these organizations are just aforeign edition of identical sister organizationsof the political parties in Nepal.

The Nepalese diaspora retains a somewhat ambivalent attitude towards the motherland. They fiercely love their motherland and want strong emotional ties with prosperous Nepal. But they are exasperated by the inability of politicians, whereas they themselves are involved in petty politics of motherland.In social media,Nepalese diaspora is expressingtheir frustrations, disappointments and dissatisfactions at the current political situation in Nepal. Continue reading »

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Dec 102016

The European Commission has adopted an Action Plan setting out concrete measures to improve the security of travel documents on Thursday. The Action Plan provides clear recommendations for Member States to tackle the phenomenon of travel document fraud and outlines a comprehensive set of actions for the Commission to take. Travel document security is an important factor in the fight against terrorism and organised crime and contributes to improving border protection and migration management.

passport-copyThe Action Plan is targeted at travel documents issued by EU Member States to EU citizens and third-country nationals which are used for identification and border crossing.

In full respect of fundamental rights and data protection rules and division of competences between Member States and the Commission, the Action Plan outlines measures in four key areas: Continue reading »

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Nov 142016

Emerging writers living abroad have expressed the need to document the history of Nepali literature which is simply impossible without a joint effort.

Dr. Binaya Shrestha, a non-resident nepali in Switzerland actively working to promote Nepali community work and literature, pointed out the need for documentation of diasporic literature by Nepali writers in the west. “There is a dire need to maintain the records of Nepali literature as many precious and priceless pieces written in the past years have been either vanished or forgotten,” said Dr. Shrestha.

The photo is taken from 'The International Nepali Literature Conference' organised in Kathmandu in 2015 under the joint coordination of Nepal Academy and the Non-Resident Nepalis Association (NRNA)

The photo is taken from ‘The International Nepali Literature Conference’ organised in Kathmandu in 2015 under the joint coordination of Nepal Academy and the Non-Resident Nepalis Association (NRNA)

If due importance is given to deserving litterateurs then many talented people would be encouraged to come up with good literature. As many get involved in writing the literature gets more and more developed and blossom. Historical analysis of literature is essential to encourage talents and discourage malpractices in this field. However, this can be possible only through collective effort and mutual partnership. Continue reading »

Nov 142016

During recent years, Nepalese diasporic literature based on immigrant’s life has flourished a lot. The struggle the Nepalese immigrants face, their psychology, loneliness, self-dignity and memories of their own homeland in a new world are the major subjects of such diasporic writings.  “Pathik Pravasan“, a novel by Pancham Adhikari, is a similar diasporic work where the story revolves around a man “Pathik” who is in Europe for his studies during the period of Maoist insurgency in Nepal.

pathik-pravasanThe story is entangled in dreams of Nepali youth going abroad. In order to pursue higher education, many Nepali youths swarm abroad; mainly to the West. Those youths lured into abroad do not get to walk an easy and convenient road. This novel “Pathik Pravasan” is a novel which centers on the struggle faced by Nepalese when they reach abroad. In addition, the writer portrays the status of Nepal and sufferings of Nepalese under Maoist insurgency very impressively. Continue reading »